LabVIEW Real-Time installation error

We’re trying to install LabVIEW from our kit jumpdrive on our laptop. It’s Windows 7 64 bit, the same as we programmed on last year.

As the LabVIEW setup runs, it gets to Product 2, the Real-Time product, and we get an error saying “setup.exe has stopped working,” the generic windows notification.

It will install everything else properly. But when we installed the updates and tried to create a New FRC Robot Project, we get “Error 7 occurred at Open VI Reference in FRC Create ->FRC Wizard -”. It then says “Possible reasons: LabVIEW: File not found. The file might have been moved or deleted, …etc.”

Any ideas on what we could try? This is our only laptop and we need to be able to program and download code. Thanks!

You can try copying the installer from the LabVIEW USB and running the installer from your desktop.

You can try installing just the Run-Time package, or if problems continue I’d uninstall and reinstall everything.

I found a LabVIEW 2009 folder hidden inside the National Instruments folder on the computer. I deleted that, did a thorough uninstall and reinstall of LabVIEW, and everything worked now. Thanks for the suggestions