LabVIEW Refuses to Uninstall/Reinstall Vision

While uninstalling the LabVIEW suite from our programming laptop to install this year’s version, I came across this weird error. Unfortunately, I’m going from memory here, as I didn’t take the laptop with me. Basically, it uninstalled all components from the laptop, except for Vision 2011. It gave me “Error 1606. Could not access network location :.”

I figured it didn’t really matter that much, and installed the software for this year. Yet again, while it was trying to install Vision, it gave the same error. Googling the error took me to NI’s website, where it told me to use Microsoft’s fix it program (which didn’t work) and to clean the registry (still a no-go).

I am completely baffled by this, as it installed perfectly on our other programming computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do you have a functioning system? If not, please contact NI tech support according to the Getting Started Support link.

Greg McKaskle

We had similar issues, a reboot fixed our problems.

Unfortunately, a reboot didn’t help us. I went the long way around and deleted the folder and cleaned the registry up. It went further with the install part, but still threw the error. We can’t quite figure out what won’t install, as both Vision and the Vision Assistant are both installed and run. What counts is that LabVIEW and the driver station both installed, so we are good to go.