LabVIEW robot code is not deploying

We tried to deploy our drivetrain robot code to Gnometendo (the practice bot). After it finishes deploying, we get no errors, but the driver station shows that there is no robot code. The roboRIO is formatted and imaged to the right version. Sometimes, though, if we try deploying multiple times, then robot code will show and the program will run fine. If anyone could help, that would be very appreciating. Thanks.
This is a screenshot of the robot code:

Actually, on deployment, it does say “Host LabVIEW failed to download Deployment completed with errors”
Each time the error will change to a different vi, like “Host LabVIEW failed to download”, and it will ask me if I want to save the vi which previously gave an error

Does the issue persist if you try deploying another fresh program?

I’m pretty sure you missed the Phoenix install step in the documentation specific to LabVIEW teams.

Check it by opening phoenix tuner and seeing if it’s updating devices (green text at the bottom). If it isn’t, click the install button and you should be good to go.

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