Labview Robot not moving

Our robot was working just fine the other day. The only issue was that the robot was losing communication. I read that I needed to update my Autodesk software. I did that. Today our robot is not moving. There is no error in code, just nothing happening when I use the controller. Any thoughts? I checked wiring and that looks fine.

I’d soft deploy the code. Basically click the run button on the Robot.main file so that you can probe values in the rest of the code live. See if the motors are getting output in the code so you can get an idea of where the issue is coming from.

How do I “probe values” in the rest of the code?
So I am new to labview, as our expert graduated last year. But, your “soft probe” is how we have been running our code all year. Is there another way? Just curious.

Oh sorry. My team uses 2 ways to run code. There’s hard deploying and soft deploying (idk if these names are official)

The one that involves being connected by usb or Ethernet to the robot is soft deploying. The advantage it gives you is it allows you to click on the wires in labview and see their value in real time. Since you say your controller is plugged in, I would run the code like you have been, and right before the set motor speed Vi’s, click on the wire that carries the speed of the motor. If the value is 0 or “Not executed” it means it’s a code issue. If the value is whatever you meant it to be like .8, it could be a great deal of other issues

If you haven’t changed the code since the robot last ran then I’d start with the troubleshooting indicators:

  • What is green on the Driver Station Diagnostics tab?
  • Any messages in the Driver Station message window?
  • Does the Driver Station center section show red for Communications and Robot Code?

Everything is green and no messages in the window.

It is working now after I used a cable to connect it to the laptop. I think our wifi router might be bad. Or could it be that we are school which there are a lot of kids using the wifi/ their phones?

One of the Driver Station Diagnostics is “Wifi” - that’s just a ping between your laptop and the robot router. If that was green, then the router is working and is setup correctly.
You can also check the PC’s network icon to see if the robot router shows up on the available list.
Sometimes it’s a just a failure to connect the PC to the robot router (automatic or user manual selection). The PC may be connecting to the school network instead of the robot, for instance.

I assume when you said you tethered to the robot that it was directly to the Roborio?
You can try tethering to the robot radio port to see if the trouble is just isolated to the wireless part.

Yes, it was tethered to the Roborio. The wifi does work, but it loses communication Quite often. I am going to try securing it to a more stable location. Maybe the cords are wiggling and causes communication loss.

With a communication loss like you describe the Driver Station log (the tiny gear above the DS message window) can give you more information, e.g., the length of time communications drops tells you if the radio has a loose power connection (40 sec drop out), or a loose Ethernet (a few seconds).

The next time the radio drops out quickly watch the radio status lights too to see if the radio is rebooting (pattern of lights going off then back on) or if the Ethernet connector has come loose (blue status light-one light for each of the two Ethernet ports).

Ok thank you Mark. I will check that tomorrow.

What does the PC CPU % mean on the driver station? Because that is quite low.

From FRC Driver Station Powered by NI LabVIEW — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

  1. PC CPU% - Indicates the CPU Utilization of the DS PC

Low driver station CPU utilization is good. It indicates there isn’t likely something that is interfering with the communication on the driver station computer.

We finally got around to installing labview FRC on our new laptop. I was thinking maybe the old laptop was causing conflicts. However, now when I try to deploy code on the new laptop via wifi connection, I get a conflict “Connection failed. The network address might be invalid or the target is not responding” On the drier station I show communication with the robot. Any ideas?

Try it using a direct Ethernet connection again just to be sure the PC settings are correct.
You can also go through the network troubleshooting steps here: roboRIO Network Troubleshooting — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

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