LabVIEW saveas problem

We have a “save as” problem with 2011 competition project in LabVIEW. We are selecting “Duplicate .lvproj and file contents” and we have checked the “include all dependencies” box. The save appears to run - but when we look in the new folder, nothing is there.

We are hoping we will not have to re-code everything from scratch each time we begin a new version of a project as we refine our code. We would prefer to keep a working version in tact, then do a save as with the next iteration of “try this” code.

And the issue only appears to be with the new competition template. We are still able to open and successfully “save as” our 2010 competition code.

We are able to deploy code to the cRIO. Our old competition code works fine. The new does not - even without any code changes, our driver station does not respond to the new code.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.:confused:

I find the simplest way to backup a LabVIEW project is to just make a standard Windows copy of the whole project directory, as long as you keep your projects well contained and don’t reference vi’s from different projects.
It’s under My Documents->LabVIEW Data
Just right-click copy, then paste, then rename it with some convention.

But it sounds like you may have a problem with the default robot template itself.
Does all the code show up in the proper project directory under My Documents->LabVIEW Data ?

When you “Run as Startup”, what are the new code status lights on the Driver Station showing?
Any Diagnostic tab messages?

How does one avoid doing this? Are there any pitfalls to watch out for? Is there a simple way to quickly “audit” a project to make sure this hasn’t been done?



If you have vi’s that you like to reuse in different projects, that aren’t maintained in a common library, just be sure to copy the file into your project folder and only add new vi’s to your project from that project folder, e.g., don’t drag a vi into the Project Explorer window from a different project folder.

It’s easy to check.
In the Project Explorer switch to the Files tab and you’ll see the entire project hierarchy. If you see another project folder included, then you should fix that.

Thanks, Mark. From the LabVIEW documentation, we have been so concerned with the dependencies, we did not think the windows copy would work.

We’ll give it a try this afternoon.

This is a known bug in LabVIEW 8.6.1 using FPGA typedefs (at the heart of many FRC palette VIs). “Save As” doesn’t work. We have the same problem, and had to jump through a few hoops to make the template wizards work. The standard Windows copy explained by Mark McLeod is the best way to go. Sorry about the inconvenience.