LabVIEW - Saving CPU cycles, Servos, and Watchdog

We are working on streamlining our project. For some reason, our CPU usage this year is substantially higher than in previous years.

In the process of streamlining, I’m curious about servo behavior. I have a servo in periodic tasks. There is a non-trivial amount of code in the servo “set position” VI. I’d like to use a feedback node and a comparison so we only run the set position VI when a change in position is requested.

My question is this: If we put the set position in an “if” structure, with the false case being blank, will it send the position once and will the servo hold position, or do we need to send it every loop?

And will NOT sending it often enough trigger a watchdog event?

If I had the robot in front of me I could answer these questions, but unfortunately I’m not “on the team” this year because of work so I have to live through Chief Delphi and occasional visits to the build room.

The set position call just sends a value to the FPGA that it will maintain.
Repeatedly setting the same value doesn’t do anything.

No Watchdogs are used.

Thanks Mark! Every little bit helps.