Labview seems to be broken by default

Our team has been having a lot of coding issues lately, including the RoboRio completely refusing to communicate… but we have a new problem. Whenever we try to build the code, it tells us several VIs in Robot Main are broken:

-NI_Vision_Acquisition_Softare.lvlib:IMAQdx Aquistion Mode.ctl
-NI_Vision_Acquisition_Softare.lvlib:IMAQdx Buffer Number Mode.ctl
-NI_Vision_Acquisition_Softare.lvlib:IMAQdx Camera Control Mode.ctl

This is a problem with the program itself because the default robot project returns the same errors. So Labview seems to be broken in addition to our RoboRio refusing to communicate…

I’m pretty sure that your vision module isn’t activated, we had a similar problem. Go into the NI license manager and make sure that you’ve entered your teams serial number for the vision modules. If you team isn’t using a camera on your robot you could probably also just disable the vision processing VI within robot main.

Okay. That actually isn’t activated so it might be the problem. Now I need to get an internet connection to the coding computer… :ahh: Thanks!

I have another problem. When activating it, it says the serial number used for Labview is not correct for activating the vision processing software. I’ve tried to activate it three different ways and none of them have worked.

It’ll be hard to work with your SN on this forum.

Try giving the NI support line a call at 866-511-6285 1-7PM Central

We can take a look at your SN there. Is it safe to assume you’re pulling the SN from the blue and white envelope that came with your kit of parts?

Yeah, that’s where the number comes from. I don’t know what other serial number it would want…

Edit: Disabling the vision processing block in Robot allows the code to run, but vision processing seems like it will be necessary later on…

I think the best bet is to contact the support number during their support hours. They may have another number for you to try, or they may have you do some other license mumbo-jumbo.

Greg McKaskle