Labview servo motor PWM correlation to set VI

The Servo SetVI is ‘0 to 1’

PWM VIs, 0 to 255 where 1 is full reverse and 255 is full foward

How does Servo ‘0 to 1’ scale with PWM ‘0 to 255’

Example: If I read back 127 on servo motor using PWM-GetValue VI, what ould be the ‘0 - 1’ position of Servo

new at this, thank you for your patience and support

I’m not sure what your asking, but here’s some info. Servos can get or set angle or position. Angle should be between 0 and 180.

It seems like your using the PWM vi’s to set the value? You can set the angle or the position of a servo using the Set Angle and Set Position vi’s.

0=127 - One end of the rotation
1=255 - The other end of rotation.
Any number in between 0 and 1 would be a position between the stops on the servo. 0.5 would be half way.

ebomnon - 36 - got it - thanx

This is incorrect. Please bother to actually to do some research on a question before you answer it.

The correct answer is that a 0 to 1 range on the input of a corresponds to an 11 to 253 range of actual PWM values. So in your parlance:
0.0 = 11 One end of rotation
1.0 = 253 The other end of rotation

You can discover this by simply opening up some of the associated VIs. You may even learn something in the process.