LabVIEW Simulated Control Panel Challenge (more challenges welcome)

Since the team I’m on (8069 the Super Hornets) has only been able to meet virtually recently and I was teaching LabVIEW, I made a simulation of the Control Panel and a robot arm in LabVIEW. Your challenge is to write code in the TeleOp VI to move the Control Panel per the 2020 Infinite Recharge rules without changing any other VIs. You can start with manual controls and then move on to more automated controls.

Get the code at

Post your solutions below if you would like to share or get a code review.

Feel free to make improvements to the simulation or submit new simulations of other FRC mechanisms by creating issues or pull requests on GitHub.

Have fun and learn something!


This is nice! It allows teams to practice creating code to move the control panel to the correct color without needing a robot.

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