LabView Simulations

For the past few days while the build team solidifies their ideas about the robot. I have been messing around with LabView. To be more specific the LabView Simulations. I was wondering if there is any way to customize the field so I can try to recreate this year’s game. It starts out with the Recycle Rush map, and I wanted to edit it to recreate some of the obstacles and objects in this years game.

I have been interested in making this simulation for both my personal testing as a program and as a way to teach our drive team about the map by actually putting them into the map itself.

The field is built into the installation.

But, are you using this year’s software or last year’s? I’d expect you to see a different field if using this year’s software. Not the field for this game, but something other than recycle rush.

I tried both last years and this years but the field does not change.

I just checked my installation. I’m seeing the same thing. The simulation is a bit limited. But, it’d be a nightmare to put something together that could work for any imaginable robot configuration.

Without it matching your robot, you lose a lot of value in having it match the field.

I found the simulations I was remembering.

If you create a new project, there are four options: Normal, C&C, Sim1, Sim2. The two simulation projects bring in their own simulation fields allowing you to have your students work towards solving those problems.

If you’re looking for practice, this should be better than trying to tune a non-matching robot to the correct game field.

Ok, ill try that thank you for the help.

Ok, ill try that thank you for the help.