Labview Simulator Issues

So I have set up the simulator like this:

Plugged in our joystick via USB drive
Changed the run location from the cRIO to MY Computer
Opened the driver station
Ran the code from the front panel of
enabled the robot from the driver station

When I clicked run, the simulation opened successfully and started to run.
The problem is that when I went to enable the robot, an error window popped up.

[Screen shot attached]

Can anyone give me some advice as to what to do?


Erm…assertions are just conditional statements (if/else) that crash the program if the condition is true. Assuming your code works fine in real life, I would defer you to this thread (!topic/ode-users/czsuczmquts); It seems to be an error in ODE (which is a C++ graphics library). The LabVIEW simulator was written in C++, using the ODE physics libraries.

Maybe try using the absolute simplest models in your program, and seeing if the problem still persists?

That is the first time I’ve seen that dialog. Is it repeatable? If so, the support folks may like a copy of what you’ve written and can help you get around the issue until it is resolved.

As mentioned, ODE is the Open Dynamics Engine, a game-quality physics engine that is integral to the simulation. Please contact technical support directly.

Greg McKaskle

Our code does work fine in real life…we’ve been shooting and driving all day…so I don’t get what is wrong in the simulation…

Can you please explain again what an ODE is?


The ODE in the dialog refers to It uses the robot model information in the project and the forces that motors, gravity, and the like would exert on the elements in the simulator and computes how the elements would respond.

Other uses for it are as a physics game engine. If you were making a driving game and wanted to determine how fast the car would travel, how it would react when braking, when going up a hill, etc.

ODE is not used unless you are simulating. It isn’t even loaded on the cRIO.

Greg McKaskle