LabVIEW Snippets not Working on New CD


When I put a LabVIEW snippet on discourse by dragging it to the message edit box (whatever it’s actually called) and then post it (example below). It appears to be compressed and LabVIEW will not recognize it as code no matter how I try to download it. Is there anyway to:

  1. Allow discourse to compress the image data but keep the LabVIEW embedded code intact or
  2. Keep discourse from compressing or otherwise changing the file at all but still display it.

It would be best if discourse would automatically recognize VI snippets and treat them as such so we don’t have to remember any special syntax.

By the way, thanks for updating to Discourse!

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This is the same VI snippet but in a zipped folder so you have a copy of the original file.
Zipped VI Snippet (23.3 KB)


It looks like discourse converts PNGs to JPG automatically. @Brandon_Martus this appears to be how to disable it:

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When I right click the image above and Save Image As… to download it, the file is still a PNG but it is only 8.43 KB whereas if I download the zip file and extract the image it is 27.6 KB.


Thanks, Joe.

@Jonathan_L, I’ve updated the setting Joe pointed out, if you want to give it another shot!


Here’s a test


Edit: Didn’t work

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@Brandon_Martus It looks like there’s also a setting to strip image metadata that would cause this.


I’ve changed that setting if you want to give it another try.


Testing the metadata setting:VI%20Snippet%20Example

Edit: It works now! Nice work @Joe_Ross and @Brandon_Martus