LabVIEW tank drive with limelight

I’m completely knew to using a limelight camera, This year is our teams first time with a limelight completely, I’ve seen some examples online specifically I’m looking at the deep space examples limelight puts outs. That example has a drive setup of arcade so I’m looking for any help for anyone who knows how to set up tank drive but with the limelight.

Sure. I’m not the best at labview itself, but I can maybe help with the high level.

To start: What are you looking to accomplish by adding a limelight to your robot?

Or, equivalently, what new functionality do you hope your limelight will enable for the robot?

Hello, there was recently a thread started by someone with a slightly similar CheifDelphi name on the exact same topic. That’s a different team right?

You might want to keep an eye on that thread for helpful information but you’re totally welcome to ask questions here. :smile:

To start off, tank drive can mean two different things. It can refer to how your drive train is built in the physical world as opposed to mechanum or swerve drive. But if you have a robot that is physically built for tank drive, you have the option to program it to be controlled with tank drive control OR arcade control.

An example of manual arcade control is using a single joystick (example joystick) to control a tank drive (physically tank drive) robot by pushing forward to make the robot move forward or push to the left to make the robot spin counter-clockwise. Note: I actually prefer to use twist instead of pushing sideways (I’m not sure if that example joystick has twist or not).

I’m sure the first thing you want to get the limelight to control is making the robot spin slightly to face it directly toward the goal. Since we know we want the robot to spin (and not move forward or backward), we should use arcade control for that.

Before we involve the limelight though, I recommend you define a button that when held down will switch to arcade control. Eventually we’ll make this button put the limelight in control of spin, but for now it will disable forward/backward movement and allow the driver to control spin with a single axis on his/her controller.

Next Steps

Use a case structure to read the button and put the Tank Drive VI in the False case and the Arcade Drive VI in the True case. The Arcade Drive VI has 2 inputs, X and Y. X is for left/right rotation and Y is for forward/backward movement; this is based on a cartesian graph which the axes of 2D CAD is also based on.

Start with that. For one it’s late here.