Labview Issues

On the Second Build Day the programmers on team 3036 wanted to have the robot driving. Well everything was wired up correctly but only one side of the robot was moving (we use tank drive). We tested all the joysticks and they are working. We looked at the 2014 Labview only to find big differences between the two. What should we do?
P.S. I will include pictures of the program if necessary, just say that I need to include pictures.
Taggerun in behalf of team 3036
"Think Outside The Bot.…"

Are you testing with the default project, no modifications?
What are the status lights doing on the motor controllers?
What kind of game controllers are you using?
What USB position are they in on the Driver Station USB tab?

How do you program a Jaguar and a Victor 888 together in Labview??
"Think Outside The Bot…"

The Open VI for the motors gives you that option. If it’s for the drive, I would recommend you use the same motor controller for all 4 motors. It’ll keep the motors working equally as hard.

If you must, you can always open the 4 motors without using robot drive. There is nothing keeping you from running the motors in a more ‘manual’ approach.

It might help for you to be more descriptive. I’m not good at reading minds.

You can also build a robot drive where you wire up four already-opened motor references. At that point, you are not getting much benefit from the RobotDrive, but it is an option.

Greg McKaskle

This problem could be in either software or hardware. If the problem still persists, please post some pictures of the wiring and the code, specifically power and pwm/can connections and and