Labview to Java

Our team just switched from Labview to Java

Would someone please tell me all the steps i need to able to deploy my code
Here is the list of stuff that I have already done

  1. Imaged the cRIO with the Java image (didnt know wat else to call it)
  2. installed the JDK and Netbeans
  3. Installed the FRC plugins
  4. wrote my program

These are the things I have already done, today i tried to deploy the code to my robot and it ended up giving me error message about something related to the update.xml file

If someone could tell what I am doing wrong or what i missed it would be very helpful

And thank you in advance

Could you be more specific about that error message (like a copy and paste)?

Also, how exactly are you trying to deploy code to the robot?

OKay…the next time I try to deploy the code I’ll copy and paste.

And I deployed the code by pressing F6 in Netbeans