LabVIEW Training for FRC Teams

I’m holding 2 LabVIEW training sessions this week at National Instruments, for those in the Austin area (or who want to drive to Austin). We’ll be covering mostly the information in our “Learning LabVIEW in 3 Hours” training course that is offered for free online, but the benefit here is one-on-one interaction with National Instruments Applications Engineers and LabVIEW RT Developer (me). I know, this is incredibly short notice, and I’m open to holding this again at a later time if there is need/demand.

Here’s the info:

Venue: National Instruments
Date: July 22 and July 25, 2008
Time: 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Location: Building B, 2nd Floor, Training Room 2
Contact/RSVP: danny.diaz[at]

The course is limited to 13 people per session (the 22nd and 25th are duplicates), so please RSVP with me at the e-mail address listed above. If you cannot make the session, please check out the following document:


Would it be possible to video the sessions and post them online? or webcast the sessions in real time with interactive chat?

The online interactive training is good, and you do not need real hardware to play with LabView. They offer virtual hardware, and it’s very inexpensive (just the electricity to run the computer). And worth it.

LabView is the ULTIMATE drag-n-drop Plug-n-play tool. And there is nothing it cannot do. Literally. (I mean, it can even make coffee! I can send you the VM I built to do that 2 years ago, if I can find it)


Perhaps for a future session, provided I can set it up. What tools do you recommend for this?


Maybe have Don do it in LabView? :slight_smile:

For the video, just post it on one of the websites (TBA, SOAP, NEMO, or CD) in a standard format (WMV, QT or AVI).

As for a webcast, you could stream the video/audio of the session and use a IRC channel for questions.

Just a thought;)

Aww, I wish I could miss it. It’s a long ride to Texas from Indiana.

If you guys could put the demo on Soap or someplace, that would be great!

I would love to see this email: greg [at]

For streaming I recommend or both have integrated chat rooms will use any video source and can capture the video for later archiving.

Greg beat me to it, but I’d also recommend both of those sites. Easy setup and all you have to do to watch is just set up an account and point your browser to the page.