LabView training needed in Minnesota

I talked with a LabView person in the pits today and he mentioned to submit a thread for some help. Our team is looking at going to LabView in the future and want to get multiple students and at least one mentor trained. Anyone have any ideas on where we should start with trying to find a trainer to help us out?

Team 1756 has a mini robot that runs full labview. We also have YouTube video that teach you how to program in labview. We have an example of it in are pit at worlds if you are here. We have been using them this year to teach students how to program. It is very nice since each student can have there own little robot and take it home with them

here is some YouTube videos from it.

You can get the bot here

If you need any help please let me know we would love to help. Also if you are at world send me a message and we can meet up to talk more about it

My greatest apologies that this comment isn’t constructive, but I just must ask.


Probably so the team is ready for next build season, when they can (now trained) implement what they have learned.

Team 4009 is one of the teams I look up to because of the awesome Python Code! Why leave the Python club?

I’m assuming they mean why LabVIEW, as it is traditionally seen as an introductory language for new teams.

Really? Maybe you should ring up team 33 and ask them about it.

We still use LabVIEW for dashboard. Our one LabVIEW programmer graduates this year so looking into the latest training for ideas.

33 doesn’t have a dedicated programming mentor, just some extremely talented and dedicated students that learned labview since that was what they used before. I wouldn’t call them a reason to use labview. Ring up 971, 217, 1114, 254, 118, insert generic any other powerhouse team because most others use something else.

I believe his comment stated that LabVIEW is an introductory langauge for new teams, which is incorrect. I do not believe we were discussing which langauge is more popular.

That 33 uses it as a programming langauge should provide enough proof that it as every bit as capable as the other langauges that are available. Their head mentor knows a bit about programming and I’m quite sure they wouldn’t use it if it put them at a competitive disadvantage.


My name is Bill and I’m a Certified LabVIEW Architect living in Minnesota and will be holding Training sessions soon, Still working on a date.

Please send me an email so I can get your school name and I will let you know when I will be doing my first session.