LabView Training

The St. Louis area is looking at creating a series of LabView training courses during the Fall of 2010 for the area teams. Attached is the basic curriculum we are currently developing. Any feedback would be appreciated along with any teams that would want to participate.

All dates/times and locations are still up in the air and will be specified in the coming months.

LabView FRC OffSeason Curriculum.doc (23 KB)

LabView FRC OffSeason Curriculum.doc (23 KB)

My initial feedback would be to have them all watch the FRC Mastery videos in advance. They are excellent and are a great jumpstart to learning labview!

I Think this is Great! the FRCmastery videos are good but they are fairly intermediate for teaching LV
When i teach LV i go through simple motor control,drive setup and solenoids before showing those videos.