Labview Training

Where or how does one get Labview training for a team?

Most of team training comes from on-line self-help tutorials, local FRC mentors and NI reps, and Chief Delphi.

On-line training videos for FRC LabVIEW are at:

NI training material is here:

IndianaFIRST traditionally hosts a day of presentations and workshops in October or November. There will definitely be a session on LabVIEW programming. Last year’s conference was on the Purdue campus in West Lafayette.

The TechnoKats are an hour or two north of you in Kokomo. I’ll be trying to organize some software training for the team this fall. If you’d like to join us, we will welcome you enthusiastically.

Perhaps some closer Indianapolis area teams will be doing something similar.

It’s farther away, but there will be a 4 part LabView class in the Fall in St. Louis.