LabVIEW Trajectory Library (and more) WPILib port V1.4

Here is a link to a version, 1.4, of the LabVIEW Trajectory (and more) library. It is a native port of the WPILIB routines available for Java/C++. Also included are some utility programs for the creation and conversion of trajectories. (Actually it is the same link. I just replaced the files.)

If you are looking to have some fun without a real robot, the sample robots can all run simulated on a PC…

To install:

  1. Download the files

  2. Unzip the files to a new directory.

  3. Run the install package. This contains the entire library. Old versions should be upgraded.

  4. If you want to use the samples, unzip them to a new directory.

Additions and changes to this library include:

  • Addition of most of the rest of the non hardware functionality of the Java/C++ WPILIB. This includes;
    • Linear Filter
    • Median Filter
    • Slew Rate Filter
    • Timer
    • Arm Feedforward
    • Elevator Feedforward
    • PID Controller
    • Profiled PID controller
    • Trapezoid Profile
    • Better menus (These could still use some work…)
    • LabVIEW style single call subVI (_execute subVIs) for many of the new functions
    • An “advanced” PID was added.

Some new samples have also been included. These are fairly crude and evolving. If you create any samples of your own and want to contribute, that would be great.

Some of the new functionality duplicates things that LabVIEW has built-in (slew rate filter, PID). I included them to maintain compatibility with the WPILIB of other languages.

This document contains the list of VI’s and there current status. Other than doing additional cleanup, documentation, and adding more samples, I think the library is now essentially complete. (Suggestions are always welcome!!!)
FRC_LabVIEW_Trajectory_Library_Routines_1_4.pdf (169.5 KB)

Previous posts containing additional information on the library can be found here.

If, or when, you find bugs, or have suggestions or comments, please let me know.

Happy roboting.


The location of the files have been moved to github. There are two repositories, one for the trajectory library and its install files, and the other for utilities, samples, and test programs. Here are the links.

GitHub - jsimpso81/FRC_LV_TrajLib: FRC LabVIEW trajctory library

GitHub - jsimpso81/FRC_LV_TrajLib_Util_and_Samp: FRC LabVIEW Trajectory Library Utilities and Samples

Happy roboting…