labview update 3.1 problems!!!!!!!

we install the up date on our computer, and when we go to open labview it says that it is unable to open resource files. If you know how to fix this team 3620 would greatly appreciate it.

I wasn’t involved in doing the update, but I just updated my computer to see if I could make it fail. I downloaded, extracted, ran the setup. I ignored the warning about shutting down other apps, so in fact I still had LV8.6 running while doing the update.

Bad news is it worked for me and I have nothing to debug.

If it has failed for you, can you describe what you did. Have you rebooted since the update? Finally, it may be useful to look at the resource directory in Program Files/National Instruments/LabVIEW 8.6 to see what is missing.

Greg McKaskle

We’re having problems with it too, after we installed the updates, we started a new project in Labview and a box came up that said “Error 7 occured at Open VI Reference in FRC Create Project --> FRC”
It said that we were missing a file with the extension .ctl When I searched the computer for it, nothing came up. Another website recommended reinstalling Labview… Is anyone else having the same problem?

Team 768 have went to the website and tried to update. But we get error. can some one post the site on hear.

we fixed the problem by reinstalling labview. our problem was we didn’t extract the file when we installed it.

As I was having the same issues, I contacted National Instruments myself and here is what tech support told me:

  1. Try to run update 3.1 again by first extracting the entire folder and installing it.

  2. Update the computer (EVEN IF it is NOT the classmate) with driver station update 1.1

  3. Update the utilities for Labview 8.6

  4. And last, if push comes to shove, uninstall EVERYTHING related to Labview (Even previous versions if they are still installed on your computer) then insert the newest CD of labview and install it. (Which should be 8.6.1)

If this does not work for you, I would suggest contacting National Instruments personally and informing them of the issues you are having. If you need to, they said they would send someone out to our location to help us with the installation process again.

If this helps anyone, great, if it didn’t I tried anyway!!