LabVIEW Update Failure

I just got the new LabVIEW at kickoff and am having issues getting it working. After installing all of the NI updates, the getting started page is not “'for FRC” and WPI Robotics Library is not available. Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be?

Did you install the FRC update? Download it from FRC Resource Hub - NI, unzip (might need password) and install then restart.


I did install the FRC updates. I just installed the wrong ones. In the past I have always found the updates by googling “FRC labview updates”, the page that comes up is last years updates not this ones.

Hey I’m having the same problem but I installed the patches (from the NI update service) after having started LabVIEW once, could that be the reason I’m not seeing the FRC custom interface?

What you can get from the built-in NI update procedure is not the FRC updates. Start at and follow the links to the FRC 2014 Update Suite.

Yeah, I found that out after looking more closely yesterday, got it all up and running now, thanks!

What password is required? I’m trying to install the update, but it’s asking for a password and I have no idea what it might be.

The password is 3Zones2Goals1Alliance
It can be located on the national instruments first website.


Yep, don’t forget the exclamation mark on the end.