Labview Updates

So until this year, I always installed labview through the included cd in the kop. But this year since i have an ultrabook, i had to install it from the online resource. When I went to the online resource, i saw the message saying that ni pathces weren’t recomended. Does that mean that I never run Ni update. Or should I run in once (at first install) and never run it again?

We’ve never patched our LabView environment despite repeated nag screens. Don’t need the potential for conflicts. We’ve been using LabView since it first became available for FRC.

Theoretically, the updates are safe and if you read through the list of things they fix, you may find something you care about. But last year’s patch broke a binary interface for vision and it was rather bad timing for the affected teams.

If you have LV 2016 for work and install the updates, they should not interfere with FRC, shouldn’t have done so last year either. If your LV installation is purely FRC, I’d recommend not installing the update unless FIRST or the page explicitly requests that you do so. It just isn’t worth the network or personal bandwidth it takes. I wish I could opt FRC users out of them, but I’m pretty sure I can’t win that lawyer-fight.

Greg McKaskle