Labview Version Control

Has anyone done version control with labview? If so how have you done it and has it been worth it for your team?

We have used CVS for version control with LabVIEW for several years. We used Tortoise CVS as the CVS client. I posted some of our lessons learned here:

Even though version control with LabVIEW is a little harder then a text based language, it’s still worth it, even if you only use it as an integrated backup solution.

Even professionally, we use a Subversion server with the TortoiseSVN client for SCM (Software Configuration Management) of our LabVIEW software. National Instruments has a (semi) detailed white-paper here:

Good luck!

Perforce is a great tool that’s used in many large programming companies including Microsoft and Riot Games. NI even has a neat pdf showing how to set it up and explaining how it works here. I plan on using this with my team this year, as our code is getting lost and messed up due to multiple programmers, haha. :rolleyes:

We also use Perforce here at National Instruments for our internal development.

Our team has used SVN, but this offseason we tried rebuilding our 2013 code, but with GitHub, which is what we’re planning on using this build season.

Attached are a pair of VIs that can provide a poor person’s approach to backup and version control. It is not a substitute for real version control, but it requires no server or additional software.

If you are looking for something “no frills” and can work around the limitations, you might find them useful.

-GN (21.5 KB) (30 KB) (21.5 KB) (30 KB)

I didn’t look deeply into them, but I didn’t see anything that couldn’t be done using a simple .cmd “batch” file. Are they doing something special that I didn’t notice?

When I say ‘just do it with a simple .cmd “batch” file’, my scaly dinosaur hide immediately comes into focus and the students start scanning the sky for the meteor that is about to take me out. Well, some students. Most simply assume that I have for some reason chosen to start speaking in Serbo-Croatian.

But seriously…you are correct. My programs offer no sophistication, only convenience and ease of use (they auto-name the archives, offer an easy option for putting a copy of the archive onto a flash drive, etc., etc.)