LabVIEW voltage measurement?

I have just started working with LabVIEW and had a question on voltage measurement, namely is it possible? When looking online at tutorials there were a surprisingly few, and all required the NI MyDaq which my team currently doesn’t have. Is there any way to measure the output voltage of a circuit in LabVIEW?
Thank you,
Theodore Bolas

Within +/- 10 V input range you can measure voltage through an analog input.

If your circuit has a higher voltage, then you’ll have to add additional circuitry to bring the voltage into the rated range.
The battery voltage is also measured this way, but is knocked down to the more limited voltage range first.

This document shows a quick run-through of the WPI Library for LabVIEW, which shows the FRC libraries. To expand on what Mark said, you would use the Analog Channel Vis.

There are many more examples built into the LabVIEW example finder. Look under the category FRC, and also at