LabView wants to OverWrite VI's not changed

Hi All

Hope some one can help with this LabView, possiblly need to understand compiler and why VI (possibly from Library) need to be saved when no change

I updated LabView this year… cut and paste some code from last year into
New Project FRC 2012… When hit save, ask to over write a lot of VI’s

I hit yes, but I am not comftorable with this because I do not understand it…

Does anyone know why LabView does this?

Also, If I cut and paste or use last year code, and aks me to save library VIs, am I overwriting the 2012 library?

Appreciate Support

I’m not sure what code you cut and pasted, but you may very well have your 2012 project reusing files from the 2011 project. To see where the files are coming from, click on the Files tab on the project, and it will show where the files are store.

The library files such as WPILib are certainly changeable by you, but it isn’t common that you accidentally change them, especially from the operation you describe. More likely, you made changes to the Team Code to refer to a new location for a function or global for example.

Greg McKaskle

I’ve noticed that when I install a new update, the first time I call a WPI Library VI, it wants to resave the library VI (and things called by it), even when I don’t modify the library VI.

Thank You Greg & Joe

Greg: Is there an easy way to know if you accidently written over library vi


At the time of the save, there is a link in the Save dialog for details. They are somewhat generic, but will tell you what the modification is. This is usually enough to make you comfortable clicking save or Don’t Save.

After the file is saved, a diff with an official file is the only way I can say for sure. Unless you opened up vi.lib files and made your own edits, it is very unlikely that you caused an issues. I’ll go with Joe’s explanation.

I would encourage you to look at the Files tab and determine where your source is coming from though. The LV project has a way of trying to help you by adding links to files that are in locations you didn’t realize. Then later, you’ll clean up your hard drive and boom goes the dynamite – your project is broken.

Greg McKaskle

Here’s an example of the changes list for a WPILib VI after an update.

WPILib changes.png

WPILib changes.png

Thanx again Greg & Joe

Joe: That is a good example to look out for…