Labview wiped out :'(

Hi CD, our team just re-imaged the classmate and we have lost the ENTIRE labview. And here is our problem. They provide the Cd in the KOP, but as we all know the classmate does not have a Cd drive. HOW DO WE INSTALL THE SOFTWARE. Please help. ASAP

Find someone on your team with, or buy, a USB external CD drive.

or copy the contents of the LabVIEW DVD onto a flash drive.

Does Win7 do CD sharing? Apple added this several years ago to address the same limit with the Air. I’ve never looked for it in Windows.

Even if it doesn’t, I think you should be able to mount the drive.

If it does, a cable and an ad-hoc network and a computer with a DVD will work.

Greg McKaskle

Yes. You can “share” cds over the network. I would suggest just googling it. I have installed things like that before so it is possible.

I discovered this (no LabVIEW) also. I am certain that we followed the "How to Set up “our 2011 Driver Station” instructions to the letter.
I am also certain that previously we were able to view and modify VIs on the classmate, but no longer can. The driver station does run however. This leads me to believe that we no longer have a fully operational LabVIEW on the Classmate, but do have a LabVIEW Runtime module. I confirmed this with MAX (Measurement & Automation Explorer).
And when loading LabVIEW on our “development” computer, I recall seeing “Application Builder” on the install list. This leads me to believe that the omission of LabVIEW on the reflashing of the Classmates for 2011 may have been intentional. Perhaps they expect the teams to use App Builder to create a runtime module, then copy it to the classmate, then build the cRIO module and download it to the cRIO.
If so, this adds extra steps to the design, test, debug, modify etc. cycle.
I am raising the question in this manner as I believe the contest rules require specific LabVIEW versions/updates, so adding LabVIEW from the DVD unless explicitly allowed would result in disqualification.
Greg McKaskle, please investigate. Thanks.

The classmate image and described updates will give you a DS with a DB, but no development tools. This leaves max space for you to install the tool(s) you choose.

Last year, all teams were receiving the new laptop and it was loaded up with everything that had installers ready at the time. This year, the approach was to install the minimum and let teams install what they would like to use.

The app builder is installed with LV because you may use it to make a new dashboard, and it is used to make RT deployments for the cRIO. There shouldn’t be any change to your dev cycle.

Greg McKaskle

Thanks, Greg for monitoring the Forum in the middle of the night. What I know is that we were able to develop/make software changes on the Classmate, but no longer can. LabVIEW used to be on our Classmate, and now (post flashing) it appears not to be. I found another thread also on Chief Delphi entitled “Is Labview Supposed to Be on The reimage?”

The thread also indicates there is not enough room to add LabVIEW 8.6.1 on the Classmate. If true, do you suppose the change from XP to WIN7 had anything to do with it?

P.S. I’m a looong time LabVIEW user.

(warning: I’m a rookie mentor who has barely got my feet wet)

I was under the impression that the best practice for robot code and dashboard development is to install Labview, the FRC Labview update, the FRC utilities, and the Driver Station on a second PC. This second PC becomes the development environment and the Classmate the live environment. So, once development gets to a point where its time to build and release a new version, the new version would be deployed to the Classmate and cRIO. At that point the development can continue in the development environment on the next version.

does the mini laptop have labview?

I run LabView perfectly on Windows 7. In fact, I am using it right now on this computer which has Windows 7.
If you need more room on your classmate to install LabView, there is a new procedure (as of 1/11/2011) available on the KOP to get “up to 5GB of space back”. I think the reimaging process was flawed, so: Classmate Drive Space Recovery Procedure (NEW 1/11/11)
And if someone wants it: - Kit of Parts. Everything related to the Classmate should be under the “Control System” subheading.

Yes it can. Check out Team Update #1

And thanks, Greg.

I would not recommend using the driverstation for programming unless you really have no other option. However, our team always rips the CDs provided to an ISO with software such as ISODisk ( ). And ISO is basically an exact copy of a CD, you can mount the ISO to a virtual disk drive with software like Virtual CloneDrive ( )

Good luck!


I tried this with a LG GSA2166D 16x External Super Multi DVD/CD usb drive. It would not recognize the LabVIEW disk and ejected it each time. The disk does work on a desktop however.

I am going to try some of the other ideas posted here…thanks.

Dan Kohn
Bluff City Bots Team #2817 Mentor