Labview Xbox Controller

Really simple question, I just can’t seem to figure out, how do I control a motor with a set speed using 1 axis. For example, I want to run the motor at 10% using the right stick (axis 5). I know how to vary speeds with buttons using the True False function but that only takes button inputs. So how can I control a motor to go clockwise and counterclockwise at 10 % using the 5th axis.

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This is how you get the fith axis and to get your motor to 10 percent is I guess set your output to 0.1 I could be very wrong about the 10 percent motor thing.

Add a “Greater than” command between your joystick axis read and your motor control.

Set that value to whatever amount of axis/trigger pull you want to measure as a true. The output will act as a button and be “TRUE” when you’re pulling it enough and “FALSE” otherwise.

Here’s an example of what Jeff is talking about

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This is what I was looking for thank you! and thank you for the visual Mark.

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