The disabled code is working code from last year that for some reason doesn’t work in the new program.

We moved forward and cloned it but we are stuck now (right side). The error currently is when getting the pink (power) wires connected to the controllers it says I have two terminals of the same type.

What are we doing wrong?

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Why are you connecting the output from the Open Victor (motor reference) and connecting it to the string input of the 2nd motor reference? What is the ? block that you copied from the older code?

In Begin, you use the Open Motor VI block you are establishing a motor, then you need to associate a name for it so you can reference it somewhere else (teleop or some other VI).

looks like those missing functions were Follower definitions…on the right you are trying to replace them with motor ref SET functions. Go to the tools pallette, WPI Robotics Library, RobotDrive, Open Motors; note that the order should be left, right, left, right…then add a RefSET on the end of it to name it…

The ? block is what we were trying to figure out, we think it was a motorcontrol_follow but we can’t find it.

see my previous message; it does not require a specific FOLLOW command

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