ok…again, i’m the new programmer…ya…i’m taking on a lot of stuff to learn. right now i’m also trying to learn how to make a nice dashboard in labview. first of all, how do i assign variables to send to the dashboard port from the RC (pwm values, spike values, etc.) AND how do i import these into labview to make them move indicators (guages, etc.)?


I think you’ll get a better response if you post in the NI LabVIEW forum -


First, The dashboard info is preset by IFI. It contains all 16 PWM values, several user bytes(you can assign these your own info(spike state)), and other info.

The dashboard port also has two different modes, set by the jumper by the port. In OI mode the dashboard data includes the state of all inputs for the joysticks. In RC mode it has the info I mentioned above.

Why do you want to use Labview?

You may want to look into seanwitte’s dashboard viewer. It is written in .net 2, and you can write new views for it in C# or

Another option is IFI dashboard viewer. It is very limited compared to seanwitte’s.

The specifications for the dashboard communications should be included in either of the downloads I mentioned.

Hope this helps,
Eric Haskins