Lack of CV limit and what to do about it

How should one go about selecting a solenoid valve that has a higher cv limit?
What things should you look for when buying one?

I imagine, most teams have a similar knowledge base on this as I do. Which is, this is the solenoid we use because we have to. Now that we can select our own, what do we do?

First, what function does it need? Single, double, whatever.
Second, does it comply with the rules (e.g., 1/8" NPT input)?
Third, can you afford it?

Note that the ‘regular valves we always used’ are pretty good for the 0.160" ID tubing we get to use, having a significantly larger Cv isn’t going to do much.

True, but there was an inexpensive valve (less than $40) that I recall finding a few years ago that we could not use because of Cv either being slightly higher or the spec was unavailable… now if I could only remember where it was…

This opens up a larger selection, and simplifies the documentation for teams and inspectors, with minimal change in performance.