Lack of Segways at Regionals?

Has anyone else noticed that there is an odd lack of Segways running around the Granite State Regional? Only two years ago (my first year at FIRST), the regional was overrun with DEKA employees and other people on Segways–I got to try one after nagging someone for 2-3 hours that just because VIP’s get demos, it doesn’t mean FIRST students can’t use them in between and just let the VIP’s cut the line. I also got to have a really interesting talk with one of the developers of the Segway about what happens when they don’t have a speed limiter. :wink:

However, I’ve noticed that there are very few running around this year, only about two. Has the novelty worn off? Did the people who run the regionals say they didn’t want as many of them running around?

And even Dean didn’t have a Segway! I asked him, “Dean, where’s your Segway?!” (increduously, since he usually has one), and he said, “Oh, I left it at the office” with a laugh. It used to be such a “thing” at FIRST competitions but it’s not anymore. What happened?

On a related note, has anyone else seen the new Segways? (the i Series now comes in red, yellow, and midnight blue, and they added two new more useful models, the XT [an all-terrain-ish model with 7-inch-wide tires and big splash guard things] and the GT, basically an i Series with a golf bag holder) They look pretty nice, and they also have a choice of types of battery (NiMH, $4500, or LiIon, $5000 on the i Series). Thoughts?

i saw dean Kamen out on the field with out a Segway! it was very surprising and the person who announced him was like wow watch him walk.

I think its kinda good that there aren’t many segways at the compitition because either last year or the year before i was almost run over by dean Kamen.

I can top that…last year on Archimedes, I half-tackled Dean on my way back to the scoring table. (They started a match sooner than I thought they would, hence I wasn’t in my spot.)

Yes, those Segways really do maintain balance. :smiley:

Apparently, a demo of some sort was set up at Rochester. I heard from my team that a few people finally got to ride one.

There were 4 there today, I think people just dont notice them as much- that is a good thing. The new machines are amazing if you ask me, the GT and XT and i180s- all good stuff.

I hope theres some at the Buckeye or Pittsburg regionals, ive been dying to try one since they came out!

There will be at least one at the Pacific North West Regional.

Team 360 will have mine there.

We are trying to figure out how we can set up a schedule for demo’s so I don’t get overrun requests (assuming Segways are still a draw)

For what its worth I originally had it at school everyday, now I have gone a week or two without it.

Eric Stokely
Team 360 in Tacoma, The Revolution

Elgin, you already had your own demo back at our workspace :wink:

(Yes, it was me and my segway at Rochester)

Indeed, I’m fairly happy that there are fewer Segways, since last year I had my foot run over by a Segway driven by one of the refs. I’m still not convinced they are good for crowded areas.

I second this. Particularly at nats last year the people on Segways were plowing through the crowd like they had a right of way.

I have had people intentionally run over my foot with a segway, and found it didn’t hurt at all. Just a little pressure… They really aren’t all that bad, and they are fun to ride on.

I was extremely shocked when Dean was without a Seg in Rochester. I would say that it is due to his quick fly in and fly out though.

I was even more shocked by the “Dean” factor: students used to flock to Dean, no one could get near him and his posse. For those of you who attended Finger Lakes at the top entrance of the field house Friday morning everyone was crowded in patiently awaiting the doors to open. When the doors open, the people poured in through the flood gates, trying to be the first ones to the best seats. Not being the fastest person on the block, I noticed Dean standing right next to the main flow of traffic, and grabbed ahold of two of my students - and at the time, they didn’t even realize who they had walked by.

All in all… is the Dean factor wearing off too? Are students lacking the awe struck if Dean, like we are noticing with the Segway? - has more info & pics of the new segways

I somehow doubt it.

I remember in Atlanta last year, it must’ve been ten minutes before I could work my way close enough to ask for a signature on my popped five-point ball.

And this year in Manchester, you had to be quick to catch Dean (or Dave, or Woodie, for that matter) to get a few words in.

Perhaps it was because the doors were opening, and the crowd was pouring in. Or, since he was sans Segway, perhaps he just isn’t as noticeable without the extra few inches in height.

On a side note from earlier, Dean also spent 45 mins to an hour walking around the pit area on his own. Was he asked for autographs, sure not doubting it one bit. However, I remember ohh, many moons ago maybe 4 years now? at the first Annapolis Regional when Dean could barely make it from the entrance to the judges viewing area in an hour he had so many eager students approach him.

Back on track… excellent info on the new Segway’s at
Segway Chat

I’m not worried about the amount of Segways at a regoinal, I’d rather see them out in the real world than at a robotics competition IMHO…