Lack of Stop Build Day

FRC Teams,

How are you all handling the lack of stop build day this season?

We’re continuing to build.


why create a new topic? this looks to be the same ↓

and a quick chief delphi search opens up similar topics too.

and here’s a poll released earlier this week:

to answer the question at hand, our team is using stop build day as a hardware goal day, rather than a robot goal day. This means that instead of having a working robot by stop build, we will have a built robot and will implement software in the week leading up to competition.


Denial mostly…

Ok, but seriously, we haven’t changed much. By week 6, we are normally mostly programming on the second robot anyways, and working on changes we’ll use our withholding weight to change at competition. So we’re still handing a complete robot over to programming to work with, and mechanical and drivers are working on the other one.

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Well since we do not have as many um…resources we are totally loving the extra time to build. Due to the fact that we don’t have a CNC etc. we will be using the extra time to improve/clean up our bot.

Agreed with @cmarley there are other recent topics covering this.