Ladies & Gentlemen, your mission is this...

…help me get my butt to IRI!

No, Im not asking for financial assistance, I want to tap the braintrust of all of you so that I can make the best decision. Since I’m working at a place that loves me, vacation days are not the issue. But, I do need to know:

-the best days to fly in and out
-if I have to get my own room or if I can get in on the sharing of a room at the Omni (too much good has been said about the Omni that Im dying to stay there…though if you’re offering free space to me elsewhere, let me know ;))
-if anyone can get me to & from the airport (once the dates are established)…or how expensive it is to get to the airport via other means.

IRI this year is taking the place of Nationals for me, in as much as I want to see as many people as possible…some of you who I havent seen since 2002, many of you whom Ive never met. So, to make sure this is financially feasible for me, I need info ASAP. Thanks :slight_smile:

Monday and Thursdays tend to be the cheapest day’s to fly in and out, while Sunday is the most expensive.

Another suggestion: Take the greyhound bus. While this might not be the most conferrable or convenient way to ride, last time I checked they had a special $15 fair for any one way trip across the U.S. for students.

Last year, many people flew in to IRI on Thursday. This is setup day for us, and many people were hanging around the gym. DJ and I both made trips to the airport to pick people up on Thursday. We even had an enjoyable time waiting around for Ashlee Snodgrass as she was having flight trouble.

Leaving town on Sunday works out well, but rides need to be coordinated for those people who are flying out. Libby Ritchie, Scott Ritchie and Chris Fultz coordinated a ride to the airport on Sunday last year. I don’t know how this will be handled this year. I suggest that the people who are flying in for this need to talk to each other and come up with a plan. This plan can then be communicated to us and we (someone, not sure who yet) will help you out.

I’ll volunteer again to make 1 trip to the airport on Thursday, but I will be back home (about 1 hour away) on Sunday.

Andy B.

What is this “IRI” you speak of, and is it worth my time? :smiley:
And, who is going to be there?

You’re joking, right? :slight_smile:

IRI = awesome. Tons of people from the forums will be there. You should come; fly down with Jess. :slight_smile:

Actually, I’m only semi-joking. The first time I heard about IRI was last year, and I thought it was just another mini-comp(?) - not that this is a bad thing…:yikes:

I guess it’s more than that though huh?

/me goes off to find out more about IRI.


depending on financial situation (as always), my current plans are to come down to IRI on Thursday, possibly pick up a robot in Muncie on the way, and stay somewhere (possibly Omni) until Saturday, where I will leave and either stay with Chris Noble or some friends.

You are very welcome to split a hotel room with me… in fact, I’m looking for a few roommates for the weekend. I’d like to stay at the Omni, but I don’t want to be stuck with the bill all by myself. Any takers?


Ahh yes a bus, Jess considering you would most likely be leaving from Boston. The rough ride time with pits stops is about 25 hours… So unless you want to sit on a bus for over a day… I suggest flying.

I have been looking for good deals for my plane tickets and I have found that using such site as Hotwire, expedia, Priceline, and… ebay…maybe. The cheapest I have found so far is MHT(Manchester) to IND(Indy) roundtrip for 235 dollars. However I’m gonna keep looking.


I, too, need to split the bill for a room at the Omni if the team I’m riding up with doesn’t end up staying in the Omni. I’m scared to ask Amanda though, she might hurt me. But yea, Jess… definitly just bug people and maybe you can find a carpool with someone else going. Last year my grandfather was bored so he drove me… this year a team from Orlando is headed up, so I’m hitching a ride with them. I know of some people cough Dez cough who drove to a “meeting point” and rode the rest of the way with another team, because no local teams were going. Saves some of the expense of the trip. Like someone else said, Greyhound is pretty reasonable… I know Aaron did that last year, only problem is time I think. Check it out though. Good luck!

Good Deal,
I would definetly like to split a room. Yay for paying less money than needed!!!

BTW When do the special hotel rates come out so we can start reserving rooms?


Out of curiosity, is there a lot of stuff that goes on Saturday night?

JVN and Big Mike have a fight in the pool. :wink: Oh wait, wrong year. Lol. Last year most people seemed tired and went up to sleep and the rest of us were in the Omni lobby joking around for awhile.