Lag Much?

We’re using a blue-tooth wireless transmission, and there is a huge amount of lag between when you hit “up” on the joystick, and when it actually moves. The exact amount of time varies, but it’s normally 3-5 seconds. We can’t find a hardware problem that may be causing this, and our program seems to be working fine.

We’re using LabView to program our robot, and that may be the problem. I would tend to doubt it though, because our the other two teams here that are using it have lag, yes, but not nearly the 3-5 seconds we have. If you need to see our program I can post it, so if that would help just say so :).

So anyway, with lag like this we really can’t do any testing of our robot… if anybody else has run into this problem, or may have a possible solution, then please tell :D.


Maybe something in this thread will help you:

We’ve had this problem as well. We switched over to RobotC and that helped the lag tremendously. Make sure you have the latest version of Labview installed, as apparently there was an error with the Move Motors vi.

This link should explain where to get the update.