Lakeshore Event Qualifiers and Wisconsin Championship - Teams and Webcast Info

Lakeshore robotics has completed a new facility along with a full field and will be starting a series of 4 qualifying competitions on June 19, 20, 26 & 27. Teams will compete for a qualifying spot for a Wisconsin Championship on July 10. All events will be streamed at and the Wisconsin Championship will contain a full production.

Saturday events will be a 4 alliance playoff and Sunday will be a round robin.

4 Teams will advance from each scrimmage to the championship. Advancement Criteria should a team be already qualified:

1 Winning Alliance Captain
2 Winning Alliance 1st Picked
3 Winning Alliance 2nd Picked
4 Runner Up Alliance Captain
5 Runner Up Alliance 1st Picked
6 Runner Up Alliance 2nd Picked
7 3rd Place Alliance Captain
8 4th Place Alliance Captain
9 3rd Place Alliance 1st Picked
10 4th Place Alliance 1st Picked
11 3rd Place Alliance 2nd Picked
12 4th Place Alliance 2nd Picked

Current team list:

Saturday 6/19:

|93|NEW Apple Corps|
|1259|Paradigm Shift|
|1714|MORE Robotics|
|2077|Laser Robotics|
|3381|Droid Rage|
|4011|Pi Robotics|
|7021|TC Robotics|
|8002|Knack Robotics|

Sunday 6/20:

|1091|Oriole Assault|
|1732|Hilltopper Robotics Team|
|1792|Round Table Robotics|
|2202|BEAST Robotics|
|2830|Riverside RoboTigers|
|3381|Droid Rage|
|4786|Nicolet FEAR|

Saturday 6/26:

|171|The Cheese Curd Herd |
|930|Mukwonago BEARs|
|930|Bears - Robot 2|
|1714|MORE Robotics|
|1732|Hilltopper Robotics|
|2826|Wave Robotics|
|3381|Droid Rage|
|4011|Pi Robotics|
|4786|Nicolet FEAR|
|5486|Robotic Turmoil|
|8518|Ripple Robotics|

Sunday 6/27:

|930|Mukwonago Bears|
|930|Bears - Robot 2|
|2194|Fondy Fire|
|3381|Droid Rage|
|6113|M.A.R.C. I|
|6318|The Freedom Engineers|
|6381|Red Raider Robotics|


6574 is excited to play robots. And see a few familiar faces (sort of) again! Thanks for helping the event out, and huge props to Lakeshore for making this happen.


We’re live and have a couple new camera angles as well! Come check it out and provide your feedback at

Match Schedule

Event 1 Playoffs have just started! Check it out at we will be doing match predictions where you can bet your channel points!

Qualifier 1 Results

SF 1 1 beat 4
SF 2 2 beat 3
F 2 beat 1

Rise and shine for robots! Check out the Lakeshore Qualifier 2 event starting now at

Event is now updating live on TBA: Lakeshore FRC Scrimmage Qualifier 2 (2021) - The Blue Alliance

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Playoffs are about to start at ! We added a climb cam today and I really like how the field is shown versus other camera angles I have seen:


We’re back for qualifier 3 as teams compete to make it to the Wisconsin Championship!

Note: The event will go on lunch during the season finale on FIRSTtv so attendees can watch!

Watch the competition with our unique camera angels at

Playoffs are about to get started. Watch at Twitch

Since it’s always more enjoyable to watch events when you know who’s good, here are the alliances with some data collected while testing out a new super lightweight scouting system. Climbing data is for every robot for every match and high goal scoring is ~50% of each team’s matches.


Qualifier 3 results:

SF 1 | #1 Red Alliance in 3 Matches
SF 2 | #3 Blue Alliance in 2 Matches
Finals | #3 Blue Alliance in 2 Matches

We’ll be back tomorrow!

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Rise and shine for robots! Lakeshore qualifier event 4 has started!

Doing a Round Robin with 3 Alliances of 2. Top 2 alliances do a Bo3. Starting now at

Teams 930, 3381 and 7103 are not playing since they already qualified.


Alliance 1: 6421, 4021
Alliance 2: 6318, 9930
Alliance 3: 2194, 6381

Edit: Alliance 1&2 Advance. Alliance 1 wins in 2.

The Wisconsin Championship is tomorrow at !

In addition to the unique camera angles, we will also have match analysis with replay, Behind the Bumpers interviews and potentially some additional interviews as well. Good luck to all teams!

I’ll post my predictions later on but curious to know who you think will take this event?

Teams competing:

930 Mukwonago BEARs
9930 Bears “Mukwanago Home”
1259 Paradigm Shift
1732 Hilltopper Robotics Team
2062 CORE
2194 Fondy Fire
2202 BEAST Robotics
2830 Riverside RoboTigers
3381 Droid Rage
5903 Thorbots
6421 WarriorBots
6574 Ferradermis
7103 RoboRemedy
8002 Knack Robotics
8518 Ripple Robotics

Note: 6381 dropped

General Schedule:
7:00 am Doors Open to Teams
7-9 am Robot Inspection
8:50 am Drivers Meeting Rolling Directly into Opening Ceremony
9:00 am Match Play Begins
12-1 pm Lunch
1-3:20 Match Play
3:30 Alliance Selection
3:45-5:00 Playoffs (4 alliances of 3 teams)
5:15 Blue Banner Presentation
5:30 End of Day/Load out

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Matches are starting soon at we will have match breakdowns, analysis and predictions (channel points wagers) the entire event!

Playoffs will be 4 alliances of 3 teams.


8002 seeds first with consistent climb and decent shooter, they want to pick 930 but their climb isn’t there enough to where they are not confident that they will get a climber on the way back so they pick 6574 who’s climb is consistent and shooting has improved. They pick up 2202 as their last pick.

1732 is vastly improved from their last event with their target zone shooter and pair up with 1259. They pick up 9930 on the way back.

930 is the #3 seed and picks up 3381 and then 8518 on the way back for an effective double climb.

#4 seed falls to 2830 and they pick up 7103 and 2062.

1 over 4 in 2
3 over 2 in 3
3 over 1 in 2

Playoffs are about to start. Here are the alliances:



cries in never before seen issues

It was an awesome event, and I loved the post match analysis! Congrats to 8002, 1259, and 6421 for taking the win, very well deserved.


Agreed! Thanks to everyone at the LREC for hosting. It was great to be competing again in person. Excellent robots and driving all around on the winning alliance!

It was great competing with everyone! What a powerhouse number 1 alliance!

930 (and 9930) had a great time during all these events. It was a great opportunity to not only get our team back into the best part of FRC, the competitions, but also to remind them of what it really takes to field a competitive robot. It’s easy to forget when you can just stop a skills-challenge run in the middle when you see/hear something off, or postpone runs another day to fix an issue.

Congrats to the winners, 8002, 1259, and our neighbors, 6421. After 6421’s defense shut us down during our 2nd event, it really inspired the team to re-adjust our strategy for champs. Excited to see them again at Laser Lights and go for another rematch!

Thanks LREC for putting this on, and Tyler + FUN for the wonderful champs commentary. I didn’t read your predictions until after the event took place, but damn if you weren’t spot on with 8002’s dilemma.

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