Lamprey Absolute Encoder outputting seemingly random values/voltages (3.3v analog)

We are using multiple lamprey encoders on our robot in analog mode connected to Talon SRXs. All are working fine, but one is not. When viewed in phoenix tuner, the faulty one is reporting voltages that range from 0.8v to 1.5v, changing every time the self-test snapshot button is pressed. I am currently at a loss of what to try - any ideas?

Sorry to hear you’re having an issue.

Have you already removed the RxTx pins from your cable?

We have seen multiple issues with the sensors when these lines are connected to an SRX?

If you have already done this I’d try swapping cables.

A bad cable can lead to many unusual issues.

I have not removed those pins yet. Which ones are they exactly?

See here…

Rx and Tx are pins 5 and 7. You only need these if you’re using the serial interface.