Lan at IRI: Need Help

myself along with team 1083 would like to host a lan party the evening of IRI to help defray the the cost of travel. currently the plan is to have it at our campsite outside our Rv with a 16port hub nut no electricity, tables, chairs. i ask for support in this indever in the form of tables, chairs, a building (prefebly with cable drops) and electricity. Please, any help that we can get would help us tremendously.

Where is your “campsite” going to be and when are you planning on doing this? I’m not sure if we will be able to supply tables, chairs, or a building (because of security reasons). The best person to talk about this would be Chris Fultz. You can PM him or email him @

Just trying to understand this idea, not trying to be harsh or anything.

You and team 1083 would like to host a lan party at IRI to reduce travel expenses. You guys have a Rv, and a 16 port hub, and nothing else. You need everything else to make the lan party possible, a place to host it, electricity for the computers, tables to put the computer on, and chair for people to sit on. Is that correct?

This sound more like a call to put together a lan party for people who are interested at IRI, sort of like the “everyone-help-bring-something” tailgate party at the regionals, and the only difference is that this event help defray the the cost of your travel.

Just trying to understand what you are trying to do. Is this an official fundraising event? Or a friendly get together lan party?

yes, fundraiser that is a fairly accurate summarry, except we will have more equiptment than just a 16 port hub.

yes a building with elecrticty and tables is my main priority right now then i can begin registration and depending on how many people register we will get more equiptment to handle them like more hubs, routers, switches, and patch cables