Lan Partay Time!

10 days till school starts back for us. Who else is planning to have a just-before-school lan party to celebrate a good summer?

We’re having one tonight and maybe one next week too. WOOTAH!

Let’s please have one next week… I’d like to at least try to be able to go to one :frowning: I can’t take my mother’s laptop, which means I need mine back from Alienware… bah…

We had ours 2 weeks ago, right before school started.

Off Topic:

School started 2 weeks ago? ouch.

/me has school in another week

I just want to know when there’s one in grand rapids, where someone else can provide the high-end graphics processing monster. (Unless you’re playing starcraft or something!)

How about a UT game for FIRST via the internet? That way everyone can join and not just local teams.

All I have is UT03, yet my pc is still currently down and the computer I currently use would explode if I try running anything other than MS Word and Firefox.
Anyone up for some Quake 3: Arena?

We usually lan Battlefield 2, Battlefield 1942, and the original UT, though this past lan we played a hella lotta UT 2k4.

In our LAN parties that our team has, If everyone isn’t playing UT2K4 then there is always someone unhappy. UT2K4 seems like the only game that everyone in my team agrees on.

I do have a Two maps I made. Ones called Llama world and the whole point of the level is to kill you. We had a winning score of -42 when we played it.

other is a CTF map and its called Changer. The map will constantly change depending on where other people are in the map. every room looks the same and its a grid base map with doors closing.

I personally dont have the maps in my computer cause i didn’t back them up when I restored it. I’m currently trying to get in contact with one of my former teammate that has the only surviving copy of the two.