Lap Counter Wieght

Does the Lap Counter count as part of your weight? If yes, About how much does it weigh?

No, I do not think it counts as part of your weight. However, I draw this conclusion only because they have never added the flag onto the robot while weighing it in the past. Your flag holder however does.

I would still check with Q&A though to see.

The unit is the size of a matchbox. Very light.

The flag is not part of the weight this year (<R13>), and the lap counter is attached to the flag. Based on that, I would say that the counter does not count in your weight, but the PWM cable run to the flag holder does.

Eric is correct, the flag is inserted in a rubber stopper and the lap indicator is mounted to the stopper. There is a requirement that there be a clear area around the top of your flag holder 2" in diameter for at least 180 degrees and visible from above. Please be sure to mount your flag holder at the specified height. Please review R17 and R18 to insure you are in compliance and the top of the flag holder is specified at 51" +/- 1" per Team update 5.