Lapeer Robotics ROBOCON Competition 2021

Lapeer Robotics - Teams 1684 The Chimeras & 5460 Strike Zone are hosting our annual FRC off season event sans our ROBOCON Festival. Just the competition this year!

TWO days, TWO competitions.
32 teams each day
Event Details here Click on the 2021 FRC Event tab

When: Saturday, October 9th & Sunday October 10th
(will have load in for each comp the night before)

Where: Center for Innovation 170 Millville Rd Lapeer MI 48446

Registration: $300 (form link on website)

Each year during our ROBOCON festival we have our FRC off season comp…usually in July. This year we waited until October and are going ahead with just the comp hoping to give teams a chance to play if they haven’t at all or another go at it if they have!

Infinite Recharge 2021 Game Rules will be used. No modifications.

Safety measures will be in place and details given to teams.


We need you!! So many of you have helped us in the past and we’d love to see you again! If you are interested and can help, please sign up via the website.


I don’t know if it’s just a me problem, but I can’t open your website :frowning:


Hmmm, not sure why. Will look at it and see if there are issues I can find.


Samzies, in the US:

Looks like the weebly site is failing to return data?

I’d put my money on something with the DNS configuration. But my experience in these matters is pretty limited.

I can open the site and it says cancelled for this year. Is that just for the festival and not for the competition?

Edit: I’m bad at reading instructions. Just click on the 2021 FRC Event tab

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Thanks. It’s the address without the hyphen. I am not fully smart on the DNS part either. Had an issue in 2019 and someone was supposed to have fixed it. Time to revisit!

EDIT: and now it is the one with the hyphen 2021 FRC EVENT
Long story, but it’s all fixed now.

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I can open the website, I’m just wondering if there’s a new Google Form for volunteers (the one on the website mentions dates in July).

Thanks for letting me know. Website was republished and everything should be all set now! :slight_smile:


Volunteers…we need you! Signup HERE

Team Registration HERE

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Just posting an update/reminder.
Teams who want to compete both days should grab their spots quickly before it fills up!

Volunteers still needed! :slight_smile: We’d appreciate all the help we can get! Thanks to those who have already signed up!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for having the guts to say up front that covid restrictions are in effect and not kicking the can down the road to make someone else responsible. Send them out sooner than later please so no one is surprised.

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