Laptop/Classmate/cRIO/bridge/router wiring help

Is there a guide to hooking all of these things up, or is it just (educated) guess work? Because that’s what we’ve been using. What I mean is which items are connected to what by Ethernet cables, and which type (crossover/regular)? BTW, We use a separate laptop (not the classmate) to upload code to the robot, so that should be factored in. Sorry for the stupid/ super basic question. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Yes, there is a guide.
No, just guessing will result in damage that can get expen$ive.

For the guide, start at, click on the FRC link at top.
Or search the forum for more info

Good Luck.

It’s kind of buried in the Getting Started manual. A sentence here, a sentence there.

There are several different ways to hook it all up, but typical setup would be:

  • Classmate -> router
  • programming PC -> router
  • router -> robot wireless bridge
  • robot bridge to cRIO
    You can cable directly or setup the wireless to work on both computers to the router. Wireless for the classmate requires that the router have wireless g enabled in addition to N.

The router can also connect directly to the robot cRIO via Ethernet cable.