Laptop Controlling a Motor

I was wondering if anyone knew how to make a laptop control a motor but not like in LV front panel using some sliders and stuff… I’m talking about using keyboard keys to run a motor forward/reverse. (eg When i hold “E” it goes full forward and when i hold “D” it goes full reverse)

Is this possible?

I have been playing around quite a bit in LV and i can’t seem to find a function that would do this… Perhaps i overlooked something?!


I’m no programmer, but I think in therory you could use a keyboard as a input device with just the USB ports.

Tell me how it goes.

Event Structures in LabVIEW can be used to recognize if a button is pressed, but I’m not sure what other effects using the Event Structure will have on the rest of your program.

you could have a slider from 176 to 255 on your front page that would be directly tied to the motor out put, but you would have to go past a lot of case structure to get to it possible i think, but time consuming.

If you make a VI separate from a robotics project, Labview does have functions to get keyboard, mouse and joystick values. However, these seem to be disabled in FRC projects, leading me to believe that they don’t want us doing that… I can’t imagine why though.

Not sure how old this thread is, it was pretty far back, so I don’t know if I’m violating any thread necromancy rules. Sorry if I am.