Laptop on OI?

Is it legal for the OI to have space for a laptop to show dashboard info? Sure its not that useful while you’re driving but it adds a cool factor.

<R74> Teams are permitted to connect a portable computing device (Laptop computer, PDAs, etc.) to the RS232 Output of the Dashboard Port of the Operator Interface for the purpose of displaying feedback from the robot while competing in Competition matches. Please note that AC power will not be available at the playing field so these devices will have to run on internal batteries.

Yes, you can, just make sure it does not control anything on the robot.

that has some very cool aesthetic options for it…you could make that look really cool…cheap computer…nice moniter…custom graphics…great idea…i hope to see it

yeah 1745 has one . . its all gussied up to go with our thame(well it looks like what a 1940’s era lap top would look like if they had them) . . . say what you will about .net it can make a quick and good looking UI(that can run in Real time)

We are also developing a HUD for drivers, but we may hold off on that in favor of optimizing coprocessor reliability…

There you have it. As long as you don’t connect to Tether (<R77>) or Joystick (<R78>) ports, you’re just fine.