Laptop was wiped, what software is needed to run a bot? + Can't connect to bot.

So, recently our Robotics Team’s laptop had its hard drive wiped. We have managed to get LabView and Eclipse set up with the necessary plugins however, due to it having been quite sometime since last setting up the laptop, we do not know where to install the other utilities (Driver Station, Router/Rio set up utilities, etc). Could anyone point us in the direction of those applications?

When we power on the robot despite it being all wired up, we aren’t able to connect to it over WiFi or by method of having it tethered via Ethernet Cable or USB. The last time we had the laptop prior it to having been wiped we were able to drive it around as it was during the competition season however after the laptop was wiped it become unable to connect. Even when scanning with other devices, the robot still doesn’t show up. Could anyone possibly provide assistance with this as well?

Thank you.

Peyton John Slepekis

The installation packages are all linked from Offline Installation Preparation

Install the 2017 NI Update Suite before trying to connect to the robot.

Since your last competition have you reset the robot radio to work at home?: Programming your radio for home use

Driver station and roborio imaging tool (and others) can be found here.

Radio configuration tool is here.

If you don’t have the driver station installed, I’m not sure how you’re trying to run the robot. I’m also not sure what you mean by “scanning with other devices”. Is the problem that you can’t connect to the robot’s wifi network or you can’t drive it once connected? If the former, make sure the radio is getting power, the laptop’s wireless connection is enabled, and you are using dynamic IP addressing (unless you’re set up for static IPs). If you haven’t reconfigured the radio for home use since your last competition, you need to do that. If all of that is correct, try reconfiguring the radio anyway (always worth a try).

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