Laptop will not find the robots cRIO

Are laptop will not find the cRIO, we have tried takeing off the firewalls and that didnt work either… help :confused:

Check your robot and trace the wire(s) leading to the linksys (or other internet device) until it plugs into the breaker box on your robot. Then make sure you are supplying the correct number of amps. We had the same problem today. The ampage will be displayed on the actual device

-Team 343-

What program are you running? What is it telling you that makes you think the laptop can’t find the cRIO?

How are you connecting your laptop to the cRIO?

How are you powering the cRIO?

make sure you also set your IP properly by putting your team number in the driver station

If you mean that the Driver’s Station won’t pick up Communication, then you must set your computer’s IP to, with a subnet of

So, if you were on team 1234, your computer’s IP would be

We do have the correct IP address also we are runneing 2012 lab view, also when have are (programeing) laptop teathered to the robots cRIO and we scan for it, it simply says something on the lines of…cRIO not found or what not, in a sence it doesnt exist.

What are you using to ‘scan’ for it? Are you using the crossover cable?

We are waiting for our new cRio to come in but would like to use the old robot for some trial runs. So would this be the problem that the new software will not work with the old crio and power distribution board.

The HW will work fine once it is imaged to be compatible with the newer programming and communications tools. If you later want to put it back on the old robot, you can decide whether to keep the newer image or put back the older image.

To image it, use the cRIO Imaging tool located in the Tools menu.

Greg McKaskle