Large Fan

Our team was wondering if you could hook up a large fan to the victors like the smaller fans are.
Also I’m pretty sure of this but can you put two motors on one Victor. I am pretty sure you can’t I am just making sure

You are correct.

<R56> Each power regulating device (Victor speed controller or Spike relay) shall control one and only one electrical load (motor, actuator or compressor). Multiple low-load devices (e.g. pneumatic valves) may be connected to relay modules (but only one motor may be connected to each relay module).

1 motor = 1 victor. So you are correct. As for the fan, I do know teams have ran without the small ones, as for hooking the big one to the victor, I’ve never heard of that.

Note that if you hook up another fan of some sort, it has to run off a KoP motor, which has to be connected through a Victor or Spike.

If he’s talking about the large muffin fans in the KOP, those have KOP motors…

How do you hook up the large fans? The entire electronics team is new this year and we’re a bit mystified…

Simply hooked it to the fuse panel with a small amperage breaker.

BTW, you won’t need a large fan on a victor as long as you allow for adequate airflow into and around it.

They are better suited for blowing on motors that tend to get hot. Many of the FIRST KOP motors have internal thermal protection. A fan and/or makeshift heatsink will help remedy the situation of thermal shutdown when you least expect it…

Many teams that build their electronics into a box use the large KOP fan to cool the box, while leaving the little fans in place on top of the Victors. There is no FIRST rule for the little fans on the Victors, however, the IFI manual for the Victor 884 specifies the fans need to be kept on the 884. FIRST recommends you follow the IFI manual.
In all of the motors supplied in the KOP, heat is generated in the armature of the motor when overloaded. (Power=current^2 x resistance) The armature only connects to the case through the end bearings and the brush assy, so cooling the case of the motor does very little to reduce the internal heat built up during a match. The FP and the Banebot motors have internal fans and cooling slots that may be helped with cooling air. However, there is no substitute to running the motor in an area of the power curve where efficiency is high and current is low. Please see the Tips and Guidelines for a discussion on motor speed choice.