Large Omni Wheels

Our team is looking for large omni wheels preferably 10" - 12" in diameter.
So far the largest wheels we have found are the 8" AndyMark omni wheels.
Does anyone know how we could procure larger ones??

For omniwheels that large, you’d probably do best to fabricate your own.

The 8" ones are already expensive enough… i’d hate to see how expensive 12" ones would be! If you have the ability, making them yourselves would probably be cheaper (and a much better learning experience!).

Depending on your purpose you should look outside the sponsors and kop and go for something that is used for other things in everyday life

Not sure what you folks are planning, but the 8" wheels work just fine.:wink:

In my opinion for mobility purposes i would use as few wheels possible and have a low center of gravity, as long as you have clearance our tests have shown that you’ll have no problem with the bumps

i would stay away from omni because in my testing they slide when u hit the bump on an angle

That may or may not be true. However, the generalization made isn’t as simple as you have stated.

We are planning only to use them for front wheels so sliding will not be an issue.

I don’t think building them is a viable option due to the low cost/benefit ratio.

Also, I know of very few if any real world application for that wheels where we would have access to surplus.

We will just go ahead and buy the 8" wheels. Thanks for all your help