Large Papst Fan Sensor

For those of you who got the model 4112N Papst Fans with the third wire, it is a temperature sensor. Here is a helpful link:
What i’m really writing this post for is to ask if anyone has tried incorporating this sensor into their robot controller. I know it’s not crucial and the fan does not draw too much power, but our team was going to play with it and see if we can get it to work. So anyone have any experience?

what type of value does it output?
analog then you have to figure out what is the temperature to the A/D converter ratio.
you are going to have to drive the fan of a speed controller because the robot controller can’t provide the 12v.
This is not to put you down but rather to tell you its a bit complicated.

Interesting. Are these fans the metal ones? Generally speaking, the fans don’t draw too much current, so having them run all the time isn’t a big deal.

I always figured that was a tachometer wire.

It seems like it’d be a PWM signal from what i got from the PAPST website. We were thinking about hooking it up to an oscicallscope to test it out. I know that it’s not really necessary, but our team was just wondering.