Large Pneumatic Wheels Vs. the Rebound Rumble Barrier

For the last couple of days our team has been debating about which size wheels would be most effective to traverse the barrier with. Since large pneumatic wheels are a serious consideration, we decided to test their effectiveness by driving our Breakaway Robot over the bump, which uses large pneumatic wheels. The robot has a six wheel drive using twelve inch pneumatic wheels with a quarter inch drop on the center wheels. We took a video of the test, and here’s the link if you are interested in seeing our results:

How are the center wheels dropped with the 4 rear wheels articulating? Seems they would just level out unless you’ve designed something to keep them lowered…:confused:

When in the neutral state through using two pistons, the center wheels are slightly dropped. On one of our tests in the video, we lost pressure in the cylinders and the wheels were allowed to accidentally rise.

So why did the video go private?

I’m not sure why it went private, I’ll talk to the people in charge of our youtube account and try and fix it.

I’ve asked for the student dialog to be removed and replaced with music, prior to the video being reposted again.

There was profanity in it, and it was otherwise unprofessional.

As soon as it is edited, it will be made available again.

For anyone who is curious this is the 2010 robot that 610 built:
^This gets over the barrier without too much difficulty. SURPRISE!

Especially when you forget to charge the pneumatics, and the middle wheels are no longer held at 1/4" drop, and are left to articulate freely upwards.

If you are curious how it performs with FIXED dropped middle wheels that actually allow the robot to turn…

…so am I!

In the meantime, here is a different video to tide you over

I had my volume off and didn’t even notice it.

Let us know when it is posted back up.

First team 2221 is planning on using skyway 6" pneaumatic caster wheels. I’m looking for a detail for a hub to modify the wheel to accept a sprocket.

Does anyone have a guess for the maximum speed you could take that bump with 6" pneumatics? Defiantly less than 20fps I’d assume

The video has been posted back up.

I do not know what the maximum speed of the 2010 was, however another team member may be able to answer your question. It was definitely slower than 20fps however.

Personally, I don’t think I would attempt to cross the barrier much faster than what was shown in the first attempt.

For a hub detail, complete CADs of this robot can be found here, thanks to Mr. Stehlik:

Have you guys made a new bump? The one in the video seems slightly unsafe due the proximity of the robot to the people restraining the bump.

Yes, we constructed a sturdier and longer barrier after our first test with the other one.